Adventures on The Farm

The Farm has a few adventures on offer for those who live to explore the outdoors.... for all ages!

Walking/Running Trails

The Farm is situated in the middle of Cane Lands and Mondi Forest, the perfect setting for exploring on foot. An added bonus is ample birdlife to spot on yours wanderings.

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The Farm is surrounded by some of the most idyllic roads, tracks and trails to cycle on, with sections of the Famous Bell Big 5 Challenge and the Mtunzini Race in The Shade events, utilising some of the surrounding tracks and roads as part of the races. Go as far as you like..... and find your way home to the Farm again.

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Fishing at the Dam or Beach

Whether chiiling on the beach or the banks of the dam.... there is no better place to drop a line in the water, than at the Farm.

                       fishing01                    fishing02                     fishing03

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Farm Animal Encounter & Tractor Rides

Children and Adults alike are made to feel warm and cozy when cuddling some of the young animals found at The Farm. Learning about the animals is an added educational benefit, and for those brave enough, you may even be allowed to drive the tractor.

                       ae01                    ae02                    ae03

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Horse Riding

For the young and old, the skilled or novice,  there is nothing more magnificent than riding on one of these magestic creatures.

                        hc01                    hc02                    hr03

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Obstacle Course

Trying to prove your worth? Who can get around the obstacle course the fastest? 1...2...3... GO!

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Feeling a little dangerous or trigger happy? This is the perfect way to burn off that pent up energy and have fun at the same time! Small or big games can be organised. Tailored to your requirments.

                      bp01                    pb02                    pb03

Leadership / Team Building Camps

A great place with an array of differnent team buidling activities on the list. Tailor-made programs designed for your every requirement.

                      TB01                    TB02                    TB03

Children's Holiday Camps

The perfect opportunity for the kids to be out in the fresh air, surrounded by new and old friends, and going through some awesome experiences, including sleeping in Tipi's, cooking their own meals, tractor rides, beach visits and much more. The Children's Holiday Camps are during the school holidays and are generally either 2 or 3 day camps. Keep checking our website or facebook page for the next Holiday Camp dates.

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                      hc04                    hc05                    hc06

For more infomation on any of the above experiences contact Tikes on 083 406 5342 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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